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About NMIO

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 prompted changes in U.S. Intelligence Community business practices. Integrating intelligence for improved Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) was deemed vital.  Our quality of life and economic well-being are critically dependent on secure maritime commerce.  As an example, 90% of international trade and the majority of the world’s energy supplies move by sea.  Prolonged disruption of seaborne commerce would severely impact the U.S. and global economies. The oceans are the largest ungoverned areas in the world.  Terrorists, pirates and smugglers exploit this vast environment to conduct attacks and transport illicit materials to and from shore.


We exist to prevent gaps & seams in the maritime domain.  We are the National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO) an office under the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), administered by the Navy, responsible for ensuring that the intelligence and information that matters to the Global Maritime Community of Interest (GMCOI) is getting to those who need it.  The GMCOI and partners include the Intelligence Community, (non-Intelligence) Federal Interagency, State, Local and Tribal governments, maritime industry, the private sector, academia and Foreign Allies.


Partnership is NMIO’s cornerstone, as we serve at the nexus of the Global Maritime Community of Interest to champion key initiatives that support and enhance maritime intelligence needs.


Advance maritime intelligence integration, information sharing and domain awareness to foster unity of effort for decision advantage that protects the United States, its allies, and partners against threats in or emanating from the global maritime domain.
As an ODNI-designated Service of Common Concern, NMIO serves as the chair of the Maritime Domain Awareness Executive Steering Committee and represents the unique challenges and opportunities within the maritime domain among, and on behalf of, maritime stakeholders that include the IC, DoD, U.S. Government, and other partner elements.
NMIO enhances the Global Maritime Community of Interest (GMCOI); improves information sharing; advocates maritime collection, analysis, and counterintelligence priorities; and integrates maritime science and technology initiatives.