The National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office Seal


The NMIO Seal depicts the following:

The National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office seal comprises:
  •  A gold shield trimmed with rope, representing nautical workmanship; inlaid with 13 stars and stripes, denoting the 13 original states; and overlaid with a historic sailing ship, denoting navigation.
  • An American bald eagle, the symbol of U.S. sovereignty, holding a spyglass in its right talon and a trident in its left talon, representing the art of maritime intelligence and the ability to better protect the maritime domain, respectively.
  • Banners stating “Collaboration” and “Unity of Effort,” expressing critical mission goals.
  • Blue background signifying the global maritime domain.
  • A compass azimuth ring, representing navigation and direction of purpose.
  • “National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office” and “United States of America” in gold lettering, symbolizing integrity and the highest ideals and goals.
The use of the National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO) seal, as well as name and initials, is governed by NMIO Instruction 5030.1, which generally prohibits unofficial use or imitation of such name, initials, or seal of NMIO in connection with any merchandise, impersonation, solicitation, or commercial activity in a manner which may give the impression that such use is approved and has been authorized by the Director, NMIO. Use of the name, initials, or seal of NMIO is prohibited except when authorized by the Director, NMIO in writing. Requests from any other government agency, commercial entity, or individual to use the name, initials, or seal of NMIO, when such use might convey the impression of NMIO approval or endorsement, shall be submitted in writing to NMIO for review by the Director via the Legal Advisor for consideration.




The mission of the National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO) is to advance maritime intelligence integration, information sharing, and domain awareness to foster unity of effort to protect the United States and its global interests, its allies, and its partners against threats to, in, or emanating from the global maritime domain.


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