A. Lyston Lea, II

Mr. Lyston Lea serves as the Principal Advisor to the Director, National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO) to advance maritime intelligence integration, information sharing, and Maritime Domain Awareness. He is known for his ability to bring together diverse stakeholders to tackle problems in an integrated and collaborative approach.

Working with NMIO’s broad Global Maritime Community of Interest (GMCOI) (U.S. federal/state/local governments; industry; academia; non-governmental organizations and allies), he enables unified solutions to mitigate maritime challenges.  Examples include 1) Facilitating improved “National Maritime Intelligence Crisis Manager” capabilities to respond to global maritime issues; 2) Guiding the “Maritime Security Communications with Industry” process - a streamlined approach for the U.S. Government to communicate with the U.S. Maritime Industry on maritime security threats via a single, consolidated U.S. Advisory System; and 3) Leading development of the “Marine Conservation and Maritime Security Coalition” – a vehicle to provide enduring and flexible platforms to address the maritime information needs of GMCOI partners. 

Mr. Lea was appointed to the Defense Intelligence Senior Level service in 2014, and has over 35 years of Federal Service. Prior to joining NMIO, he served in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), working in the Analytic Integrity and Standards Office on comprehensive tradecraft evaluation programs to improve the accuracy of information, in support of reforms following the 9/11 attack and the Iraq WMD Commission report.

To support senior decision makers with timely intelligence, he was part of “Intelligence Today”, successfully pushing key Intelligence Community (IC) finished production to senior U.S. policymakers.  Mr. Lea also served in the Department of State’s Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization, where he integrated IC analysis in support of whole of government reconstruction and stabilization missions. He also worked on the ODNI’s National Intelligence Priorities Framework, effectively integrating collection, analysis, planning and budgeting.

Before joining the ODNI, Mr. Lea served in the Defense Intelligence Agency, as a Senior Briefer for the J2’s daily Intelligence Briefing to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. He also served as Deputy Office Chief of the Defense Warning Office, overseeing and directing budget, personnel and technical activities for this large production center. As Chief of the Futures Division, he directed the Department of Defense Futures Intelligence Program and implemented the Disruptive Technology Innovations Partnership, focusing science and technology analysis against disruptive threats.

Other prior duties included as Chairman of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)’s Intelligence Working Group on NATO Enlargement, where he successfully led the integration of the military intelligence services of Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Additionally, he was the first U.S. Deputy to the NATO Intelligence Board, in charge of NATO agreed intelligence production. Mr. Lea also served on the Arms Control Intelligence Staff, where he orchestrated U.S. bilateral programs with NATO Allies monitoring conventional arms control treaties in Europe.

Mr. Lea earned a Master of Science degree in National Security Studies from the National War College, a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration from Fordham University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Washington & Jefferson College. He is also a graduate of the Defense Leadership and Management Program, and the Leading the Intelligence Community course. Upon graduation from college, he was commissioned through ROTC as a second lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve.  Mr. Lea has numerous personal and unit awards, which are all a tribute to the civilians, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen he has served with during his career