Regional Maritime Improvement Program (RMIP)

NMIO's Regional Maritime Improvement Program (RMIP) is a regionally based engagement and advocacy effort to improve Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) for domestic partners in the United States and our allies, Canada and Mexico. RMIP enables federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, international, private and public partners to employ MDA resources more effectively to support maritime law enforcement, safety and security operations. 

Alerts To Mariners

In December 2016, The National Security Council, Maritime Security Interagency Policy Committee approved a new U.S. Maritime Alert and Advisory System called, "Maritime Security Communications with Industry" (MSCI - MOTR Annex II). Interagency coordination under this new system began in January 2017, in accordance with the Maritime Operational Threat Response (MOTR) Plan and its Protocols, and is now reflected in MOTR Annex II. Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration (MARAD) leads the industry outreach portion of this effort, in conjunction with the Departments of State, Defense, and Homeland Security, and NMIO representing the IC in our role as National Intelligence Manager for Maritime.

In addition to having the MSCI Alerts and Advisories disseminated through the National Geospatial Agency's Maritime Safety Information portal, MSCI Alerts and Advisories can also be found at MARAD's new portal.

National VOI Lexicon

This Lexicon provides rapid and readily understood categorization guidance to describe vessels that may pose a national security, law enforcement, or regulatory threat to the United States. For more information, please refer to the press release below.

National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office Announces Implementation of the National Vessel of Interest Lexicon (Aug 2016)

To view the Lexicon, please click HERE.

Introduction to Maritime Industry Online Course 

The Introduction to Maritime Industry course is designed to provide law enforcement and security professionals a comprehensive introduction to the maritime industry. This free, online educational resource provides up-to-date information about the ships, ports, terminals and professionals of the maritime transportation system.

Students taking this course can access basic information about key policies, government and private sector governance structures, coastal, offshore and multi-modal industrial practices of the maritime transportation sector. Those responsible for protecting our nation from harm can complete this free training to gain valuable insights about each component that makes up the critical infrastructure at the core of the American economy.

Access the Introduction to Maritime Industry course at no cost online:

Maritime Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative (MSI)

The MSI training strategy is a multifaceted approach designed to increase the effectiveness of state, local, and tribal law enforcement and public safety professionals and other port partners in identifying, reporting, evaluating, and sharing pre-incident terrorism indicators to prevent acts of terrorism. To increase the effectiveness of this approach, the MSI has developed the Maritime SAR Training program for maritime personnel and port security partners regarding documented and verified behaviors and indicators that, when viewed in the totality of circumstances, may indicate terrorism-related criminal activity. The Maritime SAR Training discusses how to report identified suspicious activity to the proper authorities while maintaining the protection of citizens' privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties.

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