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Regional Maritime Improvement Program (RMIP)


The Regional Maritime Improvement Program (RMIP) is a flexible and adaptable, regionally-based engagement and advocacy program to improve Maritime Domain Awareness for U.S. federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, international, private and public partners.  Our partners are a domestic subset of the Global Maritime Community of Interest (GMCOI) focused on law enforcement partnerships.  The goal of RMIP is to help maritime stakeholders effectively share data from within organizational stovepipes with other GMCOI members in order to counter threats to safety, security, economical and the environment within the maritime domain.

Currently, there are RMIP efforts underway in the Great Lakes and Southeast Florida. Previous RMIP efforts have transitioned to local maritime stakeholders for sustainment in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern California regions. Key partners include ODNI, DHS, DoD, fusion centers, state and local law enforcement and port partners.

One tool RMIP uses to educate stakeholders about the maritime industry and improve Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) can be accessed online for free anytime at:  https://nmio.port.training/