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NIM - Maritime Seal

The National Intelligence Manager (NIM) - Maritime Seal is based on the ODNI Seal which incorporates the DNI's charge to oversee and coordinate the foreign and domestic activities of the United States Intelligence Community.  The elements depicted in the seal symbolize:

American Bald Eagle: derived from the Great Seal of the United States, the eagle represents the sovereignty of the U.S.;

Escutcheon or shield: composed of 13 stripes, white signifying purity and innocence, and red signifying hardiness and valor;

"E Pluribus Unum": Latin for "out of many, one," signifies this new organization uniting the many organizations in the Intelligence Community;

Olive branch: represents the power of peace; 13 arrows: represents the power of war; Field of blue (background of the seal): signifying vigilance, perseverance and justice;

50 white stars: represent the 50 states of the United States;

Gold lettering: spelling out "Office of the Director of National Intelligence" and "United States of America" symbolize integrity and the highest ideals and goals.




The NMIO Seal is depicted as follows:

The gold shield represents nautical, with the historic sailing ship denoting commercial shipping;

The eagle’s talons hold a spyglass, representing the art of maritime intelligence and a trident, to reflect the ability to better protect the maritime domain. 

The banners communicate the critical mission goals of collaboration and unity of effort, and a compass rose for navigation and direction of purpose.