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      Integrate the US Intelligence Community     


NMIO's mission aligns with the scope and authorities of the National Security Council (NSC) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). NSC and ODNI objectives drive NMIO activities intended to unify maritime elements of the IC and ensure cohesion across the Nation's security and defense functions within the maritime domain. Click here to learn more.

Develop the Global Maritime Community of Interest

By bridging policy gaps and breaking through the technology barriers impeding information sharing among maritime entities, NMIO deconflicts regulatory impasses between government agencies, laying a logistical foundation for trusted interactions to take place within a global network known as the Global Maritime Community of Interest (GMCOI).

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Advance Global Maritime Community of Interest Priorities

By bringing intelligence and defense experts together, NMIO helps address the GMCOI’s areas of mutual concern. The result is a better way to leverage a more robust security alliance on behalf of US national security goals.

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Integrate Science & Technology


NMIO S&T focuses on current and developing technologies representing possible new threats or challenges to the maritime environment or, conversely, offering GMCOI members new opportunities to improve maritime security. This is achieved by working with external S&T stakeholders (government labs, industry, academia, and foreign partners) to identify, develop, and facilitate the use of new and emerging technologies that could potentially mitigate maritime risk.

Create a Framework to Manage Maritime Crises via NMIO-led workshops that bring together experts to develop a plan for seamless coordination among key government and industry partners in response to critical maritime crises.

Improve Access to Maritime Data through common enterprise architecture solutions like the National MDA Architecture Plan, the MDA Enterprise Catalog and the National Vessel of Interest Lexicon.

Identify Emerging Technology Threats by bringing together global maritime-related technology subject matter experts from partner nations, industry and academia, through NMIO-led conferences like the Global Maritime Forum, and the National Maritime Interagency Advisory Group.

Support Key Presidential Directives like countering Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing by sponsoring an MDA Data Challenge focused on applying big data analytics to fishing vessels.

Support U.S. Mariners and the U.S. Maritime Industry by working closely with maritime partners, to improve timely alerts, warnings and notifications.

Protect the Homeland by overseeing intelligence-based solutions to disrupt violent extremist flow in the maritime domain.